What is a hash function?

A hash is a fixed-size alphanumeric string. The string is called the hash value. Often also seen as a “copy” or “fingerprint” of the original data. Most often a SHA-256 which is 256 bits long and equivalent to 32 bytes. This algorithm is a standard when generating a cryptographic hash function.

How do I hash my customers’ data before I send it to Cryptowerk?

There are a variety of open source and public hashing utilities available. Cryptowerk does not take a stance on which ones to specifically recommend.

Which hash algorithms do you support?

We recommend the use of SHA-256 (Secure Hashing Algorithm) to generate hashes but also support hashes created by a compatible hashing utility.

💡 If you want to get the hash value for text that is already in your mac clipboard, run:

pbpaste | shasum -a 256